IRAO contributes to the professional development of Family Doctors

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On July 24-25, International Insurance Company IRAO (VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP) has conducted special workshop/seminars in its service center, located on Vazha Pshavela 14, for the Company’s Family Doctors over contemporary clinical medicine approaches. The workshop/seminar was leaded by a family doctor Ms. Nino Bakashvili, who has 15 years working experience in the Kersten General Medicine Center in the Netherlands and Ms. Ekaterina Natsvlishvili, Director of Medical Insurance Department of IRAO.

The workshop/seminars for IRAO’s family doctors were planned in the middle of June, during the Medical Conference “Medea 2012” in Batumi. The representatives of IRAO, the family doctors, which are working abroad and Ms. Nino Bakashvili between them, were presented on the conference. The main topics that were discussed on the conference, were concerned the integration process of the family doctors, practicing abroad, to the Georgian medical sphere, moreover regarding quality and development of easy accessible medical services, also for ensuring of investments attraction into the Country’s Health System. One of the initiator’s and a supporter’s of this project was the first Lady of Georgia, Sandra Elisabeth Rulovs.

On the workshop/seminars, that were conducted by IRAO – the Family Doctors had discussed two main clinical guidelines: the infections of urine tracts and manipulating of hypothyroidism. Those topics were indicated according to the previous consultations with the family doctors, based on their relevance. The presentations and discussions passed on the seminars around those issues. The guest had shared her professional experience and knowledge earned in the Netherlands to her Georgian colleagues.

On the seminars IRAO’s Family Doctors obtained a lot of relevant, interesting and practical advices. With this regard it was decided, that such workshops will be conducted on the regular bases, with the terms of mutual exchange and discussion of the concrete examples of medical issues. In the nearest future the Family Doctors of IRAO – will join the Association of the Family Doctors of Georgia, besides to participate in the seminars intended by the Association.