IRAO (VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP) – Participates in Blood Volunteer Donors Project

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On September 18, 2012 – International Insurance Company IRAO (VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP) took part in a Blood Disinterested Donors’ Project, which is carried out by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Care of Georgia and by the National Center for Disease Control & Public Health, in the frames of the governmental initiative, all over the country.

One of the main priorities of the Project is a popularization of disinterested blood donors activity in Georgia and step-by-step substituting donors’ paid institutions by regular system. The support and donors’ attraction campaign for this Project is carried out by the Georgian HealthPromotion and Education Foundation.

In the frames of the Project, around 20 of IRAO employees had voluntary donate blood for the Blood Bank, that will be used for the people with various diseases during their medical treatment, moreover for the children who is struggling with leukemia, each of them needs various types of 35 liters of blood components during only one treatment course.

International Insurance Company IRAO, participates in a charity Projects on the regular bases. In the nearest future, the Company’s employees will visit one of the local Orphan Houses and will pass to the homeless children different goods and a winter clothes.