The representatives of IRAO and GPIH attended inaugural presentation of VIG

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An inaugural presentation organized by VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe was held in Vienna on May 25, 2012. On this special event, already former CEO Gunter Geyer has introduced the gathered auditory, his successor – Peter Hagen.  Top-management of IRAO and GPIH had attended the special event, among other 1200 senior managers from 25 Central and Eastern European countries.

Gunter Geyer has joined Wiener Stadtische Versicherung in 1974, he was appointed to the Managing Board in 1988. He stepped down after highly successful 11 years as CEO and Managing Board Chairmen of the Group. Under Mr. Geyer’s leadership the VEINNA INSURANCE GROUP has grown to become the leading insurer in Austria, the Central and Eastern Europe. During his tenure, the Group trebled its premium volume and more than doubled its headcount, while profit jumped from EUR 21 million to around EUR 560 million.

Peter Hagen has held top-management position in various business divisions in Austria and the CEE region, and has a wealth of experience, since 2009 he occupied a position of Deputy General Manager of VIG.

The event was also dedicated to introducing a special award of the first VIG Social Active Day, an initiative championed by Gunter Geyer in 2011.  Under the scheme, staff of the Group companies spend one working day a year doing voluntary work for social charities. The special award with prize money totaling EUR 100, 000 was divided between 3 representatives of the Group companies.

VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP is a Companyჹ, with more than century insurance experience, which has witnessed its remarkable transformation from a longstanding domestic business into an international corporate group – for today it is a leading insurance group in Austria and CEE region. It possesses 50 companies, in Central and Eastern 25 European countries, among which there are Georgian:  IRAO and GPIH.

IRAO contributes to the professional development of Family Doctors

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On July 24-25, International Insurance Company IRAO (VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP) has conducted special workshop/seminars in its service center, located on Vazha Pshavela 14, for the Company’s Family Doctors over contemporary clinical medicine approaches. The workshop/seminar was leaded by a family doctor Ms. Nino Bakashvili, who has 15 years working experience in the Kersten General Medicine Center in the Netherlands and Ms. Ekaterina Natsvlishvili, Director of Medical Insurance Department of IRAO.

The workshop/seminars for IRAO’s family doctors were planned in the middle of June, during the Medical Conference “Medea 2012” in Batumi. The representatives of IRAO, the family doctors, which are working abroad and Ms. Nino Bakashvili between them, were presented on the conference. The main topics that were discussed on the conference, were concerned the integration process of the family doctors, practicing abroad, to the Georgian medical sphere, moreover regarding quality and development of easy accessible medical services, also for ensuring of investments attraction into the Country’s Health System. One of the initiator’s and a supporter’s of this project was the first Lady of Georgia, Sandra Elisabeth Rulovs.

On the workshop/seminars, that were conducted by IRAO – the Family Doctors had discussed two main clinical guidelines: the infections of urine tracts and manipulating of hypothyroidism. Those topics were indicated according to the previous consultations with the family doctors, based on their relevance. The presentations and discussions passed on the seminars around those issues. The guest had shared her professional experience and knowledge earned in the Netherlands to her Georgian colleagues.

On the seminars IRAO’s Family Doctors obtained a lot of relevant, interesting and practical advices. With this regard it was decided, that such workshops will be conducted on the regular bases, with the terms of mutual exchange and discussion of the concrete examples of medical issues. In the nearest future the Family Doctors of IRAO – will join the Association of the Family Doctors of Georgia, besides to participate in the seminars intended by the Association.

IRAO (VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP) – Participates in Blood Volunteer Donors Project

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On September 18, 2012 – International Insurance Company IRAO (VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP) took part in a Blood Disinterested Donors’ Project, which is carried out by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Care of Georgia and by the National Center for Disease Control & Public Health, in the frames of the governmental initiative, all over the country.

One of the main priorities of the Project is a popularization of disinterested blood donors activity in Georgia and step-by-step substituting donors’ paid institutions by regular system. The support and donors’ attraction campaign for this Project is carried out by the Georgian HealthPromotion and Education Foundation.

In the frames of the Project, around 20 of IRAO employees had voluntary donate blood for the Blood Bank, that will be used for the people with various diseases during their medical treatment, moreover for the children who is struggling with leukemia, each of them needs various types of 35 liters of blood components during only one treatment course.

International Insurance Company IRAO, participates in a charity Projects on the regular bases. In the nearest future, the Company’s employees will visit one of the local Orphan Houses and will pass to the homeless children different goods and a winter clothes.